Also known as aguardente, pinga, caninha and other names, it is the most popular spirit . Rapporter et andet billede Rapporter det anstødelige billede. Cachaça is just beginning to make its mark worldwide. Learn about the rum-like Brazilian spirit at Liquor.

If Mexico has tequila, America has bourbon, and Russia has vodka, then cachaça is the spirit of Brazil. Best known for its role in the Caipirinha, .

Like rum, cachaça (pronounced kə-ˈshä-sə) comes from the sugarcane plant. The Brazilian government (and cachaça aficionados) define the . Screenshot from Ypóica commercial. What do people drink in Brazil? Danmarks mest solgte Cachaca – den perfekte spiritus til at lave f. Skøn og frisk Cachaca med masser af smag.

Define cachaça : a Brazilian liquor distilled from sugarcane. Small batch artisanal cachaca.

The product of five generations of family passion. This is their story, a cachaça story. THE short history of cachaça consciousness in the United States goes something like this: The new millennium strikes. Here is everything you need to know about cachaça.

Bar at the Hyatt Times Square gets into the Olympic spirit with the Caipirinha Carioca, a mix of cachaça , simple syrup, pineapple juice and . Moderno Dicionário da Língua . Award winning small-batch cachaças, distilled from the finest Brazilian cane and pure mountain spring water. For the last years, Magnifica has been produced by the de Faria family . Grocery Store and browse our range of Cachaça. Shop with free delivery on eligible orders.

Welcome to Cahaça Bartolomeu`s website. Discover the story of the best brazilian cachaça and how to make caipirinha cocktails. Those trying cachaça for the very first time will no doubt find it familiar: a cane-sugar-based . Its most popular in caipirinha cocktail, but can also be sipped on its own.

Our artisanal cachacas offers you the chance to taste the genuine spirit of Brazil!