Cisterns are often built to catch and store rainwater. Cistern definition, a reservoir, tank, or container for storing or holding water or other liquid. A reservoir or tank for holding water, especially for catching and holding rainwater for later use.

A cistern is an underground tank that holds water. A long time ago, cistern water was used for drinking, but nowadays developed parts of the world mainly use it .

Synonyms for cistern at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day. A system of gutters and downspouts directs the rainwater collected by the roof to the storage cistern. The cistern , typically located undergroun . Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Green Infrastructure Resources and Runoff Calculator.

This is the aptitude questions and section on Pipes and Cistern with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Shop high level and concealed cisterns or find cistern parts in our large range of fittings .

One of the magnificent ancient buildings of İstanbul is the Basilica Cistern located in the southwest of Hagia Sofia. Buy Jaquar slim wall hung cisterns. Designed with perfection, each cistern adds an essence of elegance to the luxurious . There are several different types of toilet cisterns but essentially they all do the same thing.

Our cistern range includes both concealed and exposed varieties. Products – The concealed mechanism behind the toilet, the cistern , is the crucial part that makes sure your toilet flush. To pair with your back to wall or wall . THE BUFFALO BAYOU PARK CISTERN. For more Cistern and Buffalo Bayou Park . Underground cisterns are widely used for the collection and storage of rainwater in addition to the storage of well water, air conditioning condensate, . The quadrigeminal cistern (also known as superior cistern or cistern of the great cerebral vein) is one of the subarachnoid cisterns.

Sanitaryware Faucets title= Faucets Tiles title= Tiles. This subterranean structure was commissioned by Emperor Justinian and built in 532. Thus, before entering the cistern , rainwater inevitably absorbs atmospheric. It is accessible from the Cistern Entrance.

The Cistern is the location of the drainage pipes.

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