Laser welding

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The laser beam welding is mainly used for joining components that need to be joined with high welding speeds, thin and small weld seams and low thermal . A laser beam can join metal in different ways – it can join workpieces at the surface or create deep weld seams. It can also be combined with .

Figure – Examples of CW laser welding. FAQ: Can thermoplastics be laser welded ? Almost years ago, laser welding was in its infancy and used primarily for exotic applications where no other welding process would be suitable. In regard to quality, spee and economy, laser welding systems are superior to conventional processes for industrial projects, making laser welding equipment . Precision laser welding ensures quality to the finest detail.

Achieve outstanding quality with KUKA laser welding. The technology offers convincing advantages in the production of medium and large batch sizes. The surface tension will therefore be highest at the edge of the weld pool.

EB Industries has been welding Titanium for over years utilizing both laser welding and EB welding technologies. This page describes some of the . OMS uses laser welding technology implemented by two world-renowned companies. There are two types of heating “modes” used to describe the resulting melting of the metal during laser welding. These are called “conduction . Developments in pulsed and continuous wave laser welding technologies J. ZHOU, Pennsylvania State University, USA and H. TSAI, Missouri University of.

Future-oriented laser welding for optimum efficiency and quality. Joining thin sheets is the domain of the laser. Whether soldering or welding , the seams are always extremely narrow, accurate and durable. Adjustable doses of concentrated laser beam . Here, a very flexible an above all, fail-safe energy supply system is required. Other welding processes, such as ultrasonic or vibration, generate heat from friction caused when parts impact or are rubbed together.

Laser welding technologies allow Dukane to provide customers with unique welding solutions. Thanks to their compactness and versatility, our laser welders are suitable to be employed in goldsmith laboratories, dental labs and other industrial fields.