Pat testing

There are many common myths about portable appliance testing (PAT) – find out the key facts about the inspection and testing of portable . Portable appliance testing is the name of a process in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Irelan New Zealand and Australia by which electrical appliances . UK legal obligations ‎ Carrying out PAT testing ‎ Testing ‎ Class of construction An Introduction to PAT Testing – ▶ 4:https://www. Uploadet af SeawardElectronic http://www. PAT Testing Explained – An Introduction to PAT Testing from the UK’s leading PAT.

Portable appliance testing or PAT Testing is the process of checking electrical appliances for safety through a series of visual inspections and electronic tests. Seaward offer a range of Portable Appliance Testing ( PAT Testing ) equipment that is a requirement for maintaining electrical safety in the workplace. Make your life easier and more efficient by learning how to PAT test from the leading experts who have over years experience.

Seaward´s range of PAT testers reduce the risk of electrical shock by detecting potential safety problems with electrical appliances before they occur. Particularly if you’re PAT testing in offices, you’re more than likely going to encounter computers as part of your portable appliance testing regime. Should you use a PAT Testing Contractor or should you do your own PAT Testing.

Test your electrical appliances with our fast and fully compliant PAT testing service with electrical engineers based throughout the UK.