Pedrollo pumper

Dykpumper til tømning af kældre, brønde og dræn m. Tager faste partikler op til 20mm. For mere information, ring til os. Pump with peripheral impeller. Applications: water supply systems, air conditioning systems, washing systems, .

Everything to do with Water Pumping. PUMP INSTALLATION AND APPLICATIONS. These pumps are recommended for clean water and . They manufacture pumps of all types including the PV and PQA Peripheral . Pedrollo 4SR Submersible Pumps . The wide product range (more than 1pump models) and large industrial area the size of more than thousand square meters allow to . Vi er lagerførende af Evara pumper som kan ses et udsnit af her under.

Vi sælger og servicerer alle typer dykkede pumper pumper.

PD: pump with “ PEDROLLO ” motor. FK: pump with “FRANKLIN” motor. The high efficiency and continuous duty capabilities . Selvsugende sentrifugalpumper.

Vi tilbyder at servicere og reparere din pumpe , uanset pumpetype og. Vi er desuden leveringsdygtige indenfor andre fabrikater, som f. Multistage centrifugal pumps (stainless steel pump body). Centrifugal water pumps are any pump that induces flow or raises . Suitable for use with clean water and liquids that are not chemical- ly aggressive towards the materials from which the pump is made.

Awarded by the DATABANK to the TOP “submersible pump of the year” for . The product range consists of bronze and stainless . Grundfos kontraventil til Unilift KP- pumper. På lager – Levering 1-dage. Sie wird durch einen leichten Motor mit einer Spannung von 1x230V . Grafikon_4block_pumpi_540x430. PDF Katalog potapajuće pumpe .