A refractometer instantly reads gravity of unfermented wort, wine must, mead or fruit juice by measuring the. Digital refractometers are an ideal solution for those looking to measure the composition of their products. Simple two button operation and 1. All refractometers are made to the highest standard an with . Supports alcohol correction of refractometer.

The VEE GEE lines of refractometers provide users with the most accurate and innovative instruments for sample analysis. For portable refractometers , choose . Analogue refractometer ORA-B ▻ Area of application: Sugar. Refraktometer til måling af kølervæske.

Kølervæskemåler, som kan aflæse Ethylenglycol og propylenglycol samt batterisyrer ved droptest. They provide automatic temperature . An example of an ABBE refractometer is shown below.

Learn more about refractometers. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen. Brix Optical glass measuring cell User- controlled calculations Helps fulfill GLP regulations Portable refractometer.

Handheld refractometers for determination of refractive index of liquid media of low or high viscosity of process streams and in fruit and vegetable growing. They can also be used to measure the amount of sugar in. Experience the Extech Advantage. Inline process refractometers. Continuous monitoring and control of the concentration of dissolved solids or soluble liquids.

Featuring small, light weight and as simple to use design, these digital . Refractometers – what they do, how to use them, and how they are work are explained. A light-weight, hand-held optical instrument that measures metalworking fluid concentration. Take your brewing light years ahead.

An optical instrument used to measure the refractive index of a . Precision optical and digital refractometers to measure brix, salinity and specific gravity for foo wine and beer products, and to measure various lab . Double the range and accuracy at half the cost of other handhelds.

Salinity is one of the most important parameters measured in reef aquaria. It controls not only the salt balance between an organism and its surrounding . The refractometer is an instrument that is growing in popularity among advanced brewers. Any brewer worth his wort knows that measuring gravity is key to producing high- quality beer.