Temperature controller

As the name implies, a temperature controller is an instrument used to control temperatures, mainly without extensive operator involvement. They can also be used for humidity, pressure, . Easy to Use, from Model Selection to Setup and . District heating systems and subscriber stations can be equipped with the Danfoss self-acting temperature controllers for heating and domestic hot-water circuits. Our standard range of HVAC temperature controllers are our simplest options and very easy to install.

We offer several different models, allowing you to control.

High accuracy Eurotherm temperature controllers improve process efficiency, product quality and minimise waste. These feature-rich instruments offer versatility . Thermocouple-type and resistor-type temperature controllers measure . PXR: discontinued and replaced by PXF series. Temperature Controller ( 5). PXR: discontinued and replaced by PXF series.

PXR: discontinued and replaced by PXF . PXR PXR PXR and PXRwere discontinued and replaced by PXF series.

For basic programming requirements options include the KS 40-programmable . For on-off temperature control for ducts, tanks, heating and refrigeration units, greenhouses, animal confinement buildings and other applications where . A temperature controller , stable temperature control. Stuart SCTtemperature controller compatible with Stuart Undergrad range of Hotplate stirrers, for accurate temperature control. Enhancements such as anaputs and manual control of outputs take the 9-TCand 900-TCfrom standard temperature controllers to process . Learn more about temperature – controllers. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen. It is designed to work best with the CPT1Critical Pitting . PID controller ATR2is selectable for different temperature sensors, both for industrial or civil applications.

Browse the website and contact us for further . View our many temperature controllers and temperature sensors and many other products that will help with your next project. Husky Altanium hot runners controllers provide the most accurate temperature control using Active Reasoning Technology (ART). Sigma-Aldrich Online Catalog Product List: Basic temperature controller.

Carbolite Gero offers many other temperature controller options. The TW, TO and TP series of Piovan mould temperature controllers has been . Simple commissioning through self-adjustment of the controller .