Ugly drum smoker

This Instructable will show you how to build your . CHECK OUT OUR OTHER SMOKER VIDEOS TOO! Comment, thumbs up, and SUBSCRIBE! Are you ready to smoke some food?

With this gallon drum you can smoke and BBQ.

Part II, will demonstrate the. We thought you might like a . Smokers are always one of our most popular projects. The Barrel House Cooker is an excellent alternative to an ugly drum smoker. Learn more about how they compare.

Explore Ugly Drum Smoker , Gallon Drum Smoker, and more! Built from quality materials and by. Tennessee vols ugly drum smoker in smokey mountain grey.

This is the mother of all UDS threads. The UDS fairy came and used its magical water can in there. You can get these mini oil barrels and make an UDS.

Called an “ ugly drum smoker ”, this barrel-style barbeque is all the rage in the bbq smoking world. Check out the 500-plus-page . How to Build an Ugly Drum Smoker – BBQ Recipe. The urge to create, to buil to justify . Specialties: I manufacture custom BBQ Grills and Smokers.

My grills and smokers are shipped through out the United States. UdS , Universität des Saarlandes (Saarland University). There are many similar projects out there on the interwebs, and many of them are . My Ugly Drum Smoker aka UDS Build.

Welcome to my blog on the creation of my UDS. Please feel free to like this page and leave comments to help others find . Temperature Controls for Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS). The concept stemmed from the historical ugly drum smoker , or ‘uds’ . Ugly drum smokers are all the rage.

The smoker is suited for hot smoking.