Uni t multimeter

Rapporter et andet billede Rapporter det anstødelige billede. UNI – T Your Testing Specialist! Test and Measurement Tools with Great Quality and Affordable Pricing.

Most of multimeters on uni – t. Control is fairly simple, animation automaticaly load instead of main picture. Different models cover the entire range,.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Multi-function digital multimeter for testing electronic and electrical appliances. DC voltage range of 200mV to 500V and AC voltage range of 200V to 500V.

UT 139B er forsynet med et stort belyst letlæseligt LCD display. Better than duplicate chinese brands. Universal multimeter med en beskyttende gummikant.

Lille og kompakt håndholdt digitalt multimeter med . Check out our wide range of. Coupon code MLNALHcuts it to $38.

Specifications, Range, Best Accuracy. Replace voltage regulator or generator control . Er manualen, du søger efter ikke på denne side? Venligst lad os vide ved at bruge vores Anmod om . This multimeter is built with extra protection against damage in field. Transformer ( T ) (cont) TESTlNG 1. I need to read what function or unit is set on multimeter.

If multimeter does not read Vdc. Set multimeter for ohms, and connect to wires 236B and 236A. Connect multimeter to wires . Multimeter reading should be between 4. Ut204a dc clamp current digital multimeter product description uni – t ut204a dc . Only available at Kallang Bahru Outlet.

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